Sunday, April 11, 2004

An exhibit on the evolution of games.

Pastimes and Paradigms : GAMES WE PLAY ll Cornell University Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
A collection of more than 13,000 gravestone sculpture and images.

Farber Gravestone Collection

Sunday, April 04, 2004

PubMedCentral is an archive of aprox. 50 life sciences journals that offers free acess to complete articles.


Ian is just wild about Shoelaces and how to tie them. He has even invented a new way to tie them! This is a serious site about shoelace knots etc., but also says a lot about folks with too much time on their hands. ;-)

Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Here is the YahooGroups list for news of art museums.

Yahoo! Groups : MuseNews-Art
And, finally, the YahooGroups list for news of the art museum world.

Yahoo! Groups : MuseNews-Art
Here is the YahooGroups place to find a museum job.

Yahoo! Groups : MuseJobs
This YahooGroup is for general museum news, discussion and information.

Yahoo! Groups : MuseNews-General
This YahooGroup is for those interested in learning about science museums, from news to ideas for museums.

Yahoo! Groups : MuseNews-Science